Dear Prospective Students,

The task of our universities, besides being to cultivate competent human resources required by our country, is also to train them for scientific work and research, as well as helping them to gain a distinguished positions in the international arena.

In our higher education system, graduate level programs are established through institutes. The aim of these programs is to offer students, who have completed their undergraduate level education, more specialized and advanced leve training opportunities in their areas of interest and to give them the opportunity to specialize in these areas. Thus the aim of these programs is dissemination of current knowledge as well as the accumulation of knowledge.

The graduate program consists of master and doctorate programs. Graduate programs are programs that respond to social needs of society and play a permanent role in the creation of professional workforce. Doctoral programs force one to explore and practice knowledge while preparing for academic life. It aims at sharing and disseminating information. It requires the universal contribution to science.

Doğuş University’s Institute of Science and Technology, offers graduate level programs in line with the latest knowledge, technology and research subjects in an enriched learning environment, with the leadership and guidance of faculty members who have knowledge and experiences at international and national levels.

All academic members within our institute are highly successful scientists who have received their doctorate degrees from the world's most renowned universities. Our research spirit and achievements can be clearly understood by our scientific publication quality, by our projects supported by international organizations and by our research work carried out jointly with the world's leading universities.

Today there are 7 graduate and doctorate programs in our institute. Our PhD Program in Logistics and Supply Chain, still bears the distinction of being the first and only program in Turkey. We are also working for the establishment of graduate programs in the fields of Control and Automation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

I express my most sincere wishes to you to join our family.


Director of Institute of Science and Technology



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